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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 1st

1 September 1864

Saturday 3d.

3 September 1864
2 September 1864
Friday 2d.

Singularly enough both times I have returned here, on the next day I have suffered from a head ache, a thing become very unusual with me. It impairs my energies a little. I continued my work nevertheless and accomplished my private letters as well as some arrears. Had a visit from a man by the name of Pundt, an assistant Engineer on board the Alabama, who was taken prisoner, and set at large on his parole, by Captain Winslow. By an accident he failed to join the ship in time, so he has reported himself to me. It is a difficult to know what to do with him under such circumstances. He proposed to give his written promise not to take up arms until regularly exchanged. I asked him to send me such a paper and I would consider of it. I105 likewise had a visit from Mr Otterbrug acting Consul in Mexico who brought me a note from Mr Corwin. I finished my labors in season to go out and try to find a country house, which the family seem to desire. It revived a little. In the evenings, I finished my arrears of Diary.

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