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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 2d.

2 September 1864

Sunday 4th

4 September 1864
3 September 1864
Saturday 3d.

A fine clear morning, with a light shower afterwards. I worked again today in preparing the note to Lord Russell, which has been so long on my mind. As I proceeded the difficulties seemed to diminish all along until I finished the draught. The American news came, as usual of a mixed and indecisive nature, but on the whole good. The most singular sign however is of a sudden reflux of the popular tide which marks fatigue at the war and a desire for its termination. All accounts agree in saying that the President is deserted and his reelection in great danger. Should matters take that turn, we shall probably lose all the objects of the war, and leave the direction of affairs in the hands of the opposite party. for a term at least. This will simplify my own position essentially. My return to private life could reasonably be counted on, after six months. It may be well to be making my preparations by degrees. The family returned to dinner. In the evening we had the Despatches and the newspapers from America. Among the papers, I found at last a letter from the President of Harvard College, and my diploma, sent in a most flattering manner.

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