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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 4th

4 September 1864

Tuesday 6.th

6 September 1864
5 September 1864
Monday 5th

Usual work answering various letters which keep crowding upon me. A visit from Mr Morse with whom I had conversation about the evidence in the case of the Deerhound, and its interference in the action between the Kearsarge and the Alabama. He refered to some deposition taken under his direction and offered to send copies. Which offer I accepted as available in giving strength to the Despatch I am preparing for Lord Russell This has given me not a little anxiety. For although the argument appears to be all of it in our favor the weak position of this ministry only renders it more restive under pressure. We have107 got along so far without any positive collision, and I should be glad to go now to the end of my time, without me. A visit from Sir Henry Holland, when I took occasion to consult once more as to the condition of Mary, who is yet suffering from a constant catarrhal affection, which makes us more or less uneasy. He thought it not serious and prescribed some remedies for it, as not in any way connected with the lungs. Afterwards a long walk and home. Evening, we had Whist.

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