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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 5th

5 September 1864

Wednesday 7.th

7 September 1864
6 September 1864
Tuesday 6.th

Sultry and cloudy. Continued working on my arrears of private correspondence of which there is apparently no end. Visits from Mr Comfort, Consul at Amerna, and Mr Pierpont, who brought me a letter from Mr Evarts. Both talked American politics, which look at this moment darker than at any period of the war. Not in the military part of it, which is comparatively easy, but in the political agitation which threatens a change of government, and the total loss of all the objects of the struggle. Both seemed staunch and loyal, but the latter very doubtful of the issue of the election. In company with Mr Kuhn and Henry, I went out to Ealing to see a house which is to be let. The prejudice against a residence in town is such, and the physicians dissuade it so much, especially in Mary’s case that I have concluded to leave it as soon as possible. The place is situated on Hanger’s hill, and is in every respect the most eligible which I have yet met with. The only question is as to the bottom which is clay, and therefore damp. Perhaps there is another about the price. Ealing is associated with all my early notions of this country, and with persons nearly all of whom have passed away. But it is not this part of it. Little Ealing his on the opposite or Bruntford side. We returned so that we landed from the train at Portland road. Nothing could be more convenient. We had news from America—the chief of which points to General McClellan as the rival candidate for the Presidency. But it is not decisive. In the evening we had another party at Whist.108

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