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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 6.th

6 September 1864

Thursday 8th

8 September 1864
7 September 1864
Wednesday 7.th

Mary is not making favorable progress. We were today made much anxious about her, and Sir Henry Holland was again consulted. He prescribed for her, but gave it as his opinion that her difficulty was somewhat asthmatic. I was busy as usual in writing letters. Modified my note to Lord Russell by comparison with some more evidence furnished by Mr Morse, and send it. I should be glad to think it my last argumentative paper officially addressed to this government. A visit from Mr Edge to beg money which I could not accord to him. A long walk. But the weather is so oppressive that I took no great comfort in it. The feeling of depression which I have now had for some time, was much aggravated by the situation of Mary.

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