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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 7.th

7 September 1864

Friday 9th

9 September 1864
8 September 1864
Thursday 8th

Mary had a bad, restless night, and gave us all a distressing day. We sent for Sir Henry Holland who was on his way out of town and thus left us wholly without advice. He still thought her symptoms asthmatic, and prescribed for her. He recommended such physicians as he believed to be in town. I selected and sent for Dr Hawkins, who came and gave his opinion. But at dinner time she had paroxysms which alarmed us extremely. We sent again Dr Hawkins, and as he was so far off, we called in the son of our neighbor, Dr Headland. They agreed in the opinion that the lungs were not affected, but the bronchial tubes and clogged. They prescribed again, and during the night there was no recurrence of the spasms. It was my usual day to prepare draughts of Despatches. They were not of any material consequence, which was perhaps fortunate in my distracted state of mind to walk with Mr Kuhn, in the course of which I tried to hunt up more houses—but found only one, the same which I came so near taking two years ago. Caldecot Lodge at Bushey. It may however be expedient on account of Mary, to change our whole plan. This must be taken into consideration.

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