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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 8th

8 September 1864

Saturday 10th

10 September 1864
9 September 1864
Friday 9th

The night passed without any recurrence of the trouble, and in the course of the day the medical men reported a gradual but slow alleviation of the symptoms. I felt grateful for the change, and at the same time anxious. For this is of a class of complaints to which in my family I have been but little accustomed. Indeed as a general rule my family has among109 its blessings enjoyed a great share of general health. What I apprehend the most in the present instance is susceptibility in the future. My day much occupied with the preparation of many private letters for the bag to go home. The labor of bringing up arrears caused by my journey has continued through a week. It was in substance accomplished today. A long and solitary walk again. My spirits are much depressed—and I am conscious of an utter loss of any interest I have ever had in all that is around me. The solitude is oppressive, even with my family about me, which was never the case before. It is high time for me—to quit this post. Mr Heade the artist came in for an hour, in the evening. Read a little of Pepys’s Diary. A more honest one than most persons would be ready to keep.

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