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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 19th

19 September 1864

Wednesday 21st

21 September 1864
20 September 1864
Tuesday 20th

Rather a day of leisure, and therefore filled up with visits. Mr Evans came in to sound my opinions of our prospect at home. I told him how materially improved they seemed to117 me to be since the exposition made by the Chicago Convention, and the late town in military affairs. We should however be able to judge still better by the result of the election in Maine which took place on the 12th. Mr Evans showed uneasiness at the rumors of compromise of the slave question, by the Administration—which I endeavored to dispel. Mr Quallett, agent for the Ealing House came and I made him an offer for it, which he said he would refer at once to his principal. Mr Pike came in and we had a long talk about the state of affairs. He is likewise hopeful in all respects, excepting the financial. After him Mr Ingersoll called, a person of a different stamp, with whom nothing could be said but upon the commonest subjects. After a walk, we had an early dinner, for the purpose of going to see a little entertainment after the fashion of those of Mr Pevnssor, by a person who calls himself Arthur Sketchly. It is an attempt to take off the peculiarities of the English of middle life—and is on the whole amusing enough for once. It might have been made much more effective, by less precipitate elocution. Continued Pepys.

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