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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 20th

20 September 1864

Thursday 22d.

22 September 1864
21 September 1864
Wednesday 21st

After getting through the morning’s work, went with my daughter Louisa to the museum at South Kensington, to see the departments of fine work, and the gallery of English pictures. It is idle to go over much of this collection in a single day, so we confined ourselves to a portion containing Ang cento work, and the imitations in England of ancient porcelain and earthenware. The pictures are however much the most interesting. With many that are indifferent or bad, there are more which will remain as masterpieces on their particular Style. This it should be remarked however is not the grand style of art. Sir Joshua Reynolds, Gainsborough, Romney, Wilkie, Leslie, Landseer, Stanfield., Muheady, and the rest, more of them reach the higher emotions. They are English and being English they hit the level of the serial system to which they belong. After three hours of walking and standing in this extensive building we drove home. Dined with Mr and Mrs Thomson Hankey. Four of us, that is Mrs Adams, and Mr and Mrs Kuhn, with Mr Thomas Baring, and Messr Odo and Arthur Russell made the company, which was pleasant enough.118

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