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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 21st

21 September 1864

Friday 23d.

23 September 1864
22 September 1864
Thursday 22d.

The day spent in the customary duty of preparing the week’s Despatches. Not much labor in them, but the accidental business coming from other subjects made up for it. Long walk—and in the evening the American newspapers. Mr W. W. Story was here at the Legation, and talked of General McClellan in a manner which convinced me that he had at heart a wish that he might succeed. He said something about the story of substituting me for the President, of which I spoke with suitable contempt. I expressed my belief that the President as presenating a principle and a policy was the strongest nomination that could be made. As things now stood, I though his success most likely. McClellan had been placed in a false position, representing a sentiment which he had been driven to disavow. At this crisis I did not believe the people were prepared to put up with it. I saw that what I said was unwelcome, so I forbore. Quiet evening at home.

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