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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 4th

4 October 1864

Thursday 6th

6 October 1864
5 October 1864
Wednesday 5th

Our visit at this hospitable mansion terminated this morning. I shall remember it as among the pleasantest of my experiences of the kind. Lord Cranworth came up in the train at the same time. Mrs Adams went directly to Ealing, but I went to the Legation and looked over the letters received. I answered such as needed notice, and drew up some forms of Despatches to go on Friday. Numerous as were the missions from the Departments, they involve very little of labour. The period of controversy with this government has passed away, I hope, not to be resumed during my mission. At five, I returned to Ealing, and found the family comfortable and Mary apparently as well at least, as when we left her.

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