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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 5th

5 October 1864

Friday 7th

7 October 1864
6 October 1864
Thursday 6th

The clear, cold weather continues. I regret my inability to enjoy it at Ealing, while I can, but circumstances make it impossible. The dull pressure upon my spirits continues. I went to London, where I was busy in accounts as well as in writing letters. To the City to see the Barings— The desk of the departed partner remains. I knew not if any difference will be made in the House, but it will not look the same again to me. T. Baring was not in. So I saw only Mr Sturgis, Mr Baring Young, and Edward Baring. Adjusted my accounts of the contingent found and got home in season to finish a letter to my son John. Then back to Ealing. Louisa and Mary down into town in the carriage—and when I saw the latter in the evening, she seemed to me not so well. This anxiety is harrowing—I have only to pray for support in these trials.

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