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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 15th

15 October 1864

Monday 17th

17 October 1864
16 October 1864
Sunday 16.th

A mild, pleasant morning. I went out in search of Teryford Abbey where I was told there was service. The road is over the hill and won into a private inclosure by a most rural and pretty way. Here is a little stone edifice capable of containing perhaps forty persons. I think not more than half as many were present. The interior is neat but perfectly plain, with a few tablets and hatchments against the walls. The earliest which I could distinguish was of the seventeenth century, referring to a person named Myrtle. A young clergyman read the prayers and preached as usual .There is something very rural and pleasing in this. Here, only six miles from one of the largest human hives on the globe, is a region as quiet and secluded as if it were in the most remote quarters of the island. The road from this Church to my house is lived with oak and elm trees, and fields on both sides with sheep and cattle reposing. How much this adds to the composing effect of religions worship! I fear if I were fixed here long I might lose some of my eagerness to return home. Such a feeling London never could produce. After luncheon, I went out to take a long stroll, over the hills, and down the bye paths, through town of Ealing along a portion of the road I used to travel when a boy to Little Ealing. It looked much changed as far as the corner where I stopped, and came home by way of what is called Elm College over the common home. This my first day in my new abode I enjoyed from first to last. The pressure so long on my spirits seemed to lighten. For Mary appears to be gaining in appetite and strength, and Henry in pronounced improving. We received our mail from America too in the evening the accounts from which are cheering. May she pass through this trial as she has the others!

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