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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 16.th

16 October 1864

Thursday 18th

18 October 1864
17 October 1864
Monday 17th

To town, where I found the usual accumulation of papers and newspapers which always gives me a certain share of disturbance. I worked very steadily to reduce them in order. Mr Morse called to134 give me an account of the assiduity of the rebels in making outfits, and of the reports of this, that and the other undertaking. I think it is all taking the shape of running the blockade with armed Steamers. Captain Semmes is reported to have sailed with his officers. I suspect he has been obliged to go. It may be that they will undertake privateering again, but I doubt whether the results have compensated for the heavy outlay. The only profitable thing is the supply of goods by running cotton through the blockade. This becoming now almost a vital necessity. A visit from Mr R. G Hasard of Rhode Island, who has written on finance and metaphysics. We had some talk about Mr Chase’s policy—and Mr Fessenden as well as the President. Neither of the two latter, he says, has any acquaintance at all with the subject! What a man of a Chief Magistrate, who on his accession had an idea either of foreign or financial matters! Yet in this is he worse than most Sovereigns? What does Victoria, or Alexander, or Francis II know more? My son Charles in his letter to me intimates the possibility that this may come upon me. I have not been without fears of it. Rather than meet such a fate I would consent to further exile here. I would almost feel a little less reluctance at a change of administration. But this I cannot say as a patriot. Small as is my confidence in the Presidents qualifications for his post, he is true and honest and firm to great principles. I will not worry myself with needless apprehensions— The President never fancied me. My character would never suit him. Home at five, and quiet evening.

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