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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 27th

27 October 1864

Saturday 29th

29 October 1864
28 October 1864
Friday 28th

Went to town again, and first to Messr Barings in Bishopgate Street to make the enquiry I had promised to Mr Scott Russell that I would make about the shipment of the goods purchased of Mr Armstrong’s company. Saw Mr Sturgis who intimated a scruple of Mr Baring, in consequence of Lord Robert Cecil’s attack upon him, but he would consult him and let me know on his coming out in the evening. This he did, confirming his impression. At the Legation I early completed all the customary correspondence for the bag, and provided for my other letters due to persons here. By this I was enabled to return home at four o’clock, so as to avoid a walk in a muddy path in the dark. Mr Sturgis dined and spent the night. Cards in the evening.139

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