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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 28th

28 October 1864

Sunday 30th

30 October 1864
29 October 1864
Saturday 29th

Cloudy day with mist. At home engaged in analyzing my son John’s last Quarterly account This is always rather a laborious process before being incorporated into my books. The general result is not very encouraging, as much the greater part of the large receipts is absorbed in taxes and the cost of conducting the farms. Read also a portion of a little volume called Walingham’s manual about the history of which I should like more information. It is a discourse somewhat after the fashion of Machiael, but with better morals. After luncheon, a walk to Brentford with the intent to pass Sion House, but found myself to the my surprise brought out at Boston House, and so home. Evening, Whist. News from America by the China—more encouraging, but still indicating trouble and danger.

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