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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 30th

30 October 1864

Tuesday November 1st

1 November 1864
31 October 1864
Monday 31.st

Went to London to prepare several notes to Lord Russell on small questions which have been delayed in expectation of my seeing him— Found my private letters and late files of newspapers awaiting me. The effect is to put a new face on the elections of October. There is now little doubt left of the issue in November. All we can hope is that it may be so unequivocal as to put at rest all possibility of questioning it in any form whatever. The death of Chief Justice Taney is also to be esteemed as fortunate. He never was otherwise than an upholder of a dangerous policy— His course on the fugitive slave law went far to precipitate the present struggle. It now remains to fill the vacancy. Would that I felt more confidence in the President’s sagacity! Old John Adams possessed it in a very remarkable degree. His initiate in two cases, that of George Washington, and of John Marshall did more to build up our Institutions than all the combined theories and writings of all his contemporaries. Seward or Chase would do. Perhaps Mr Evarts. I can think of no one else. There is some important military news by Cape race, two days later, which I wait to find confirmed before relying on it. On the whole, we have cause to be grateful for support through our great trials. May it be extended to us unto the end! Home to find the family returned from their excursion to Hampton Court. Evening, Whist.

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