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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 31.st

31 October 1864

Wednesday 2d.

2 November 1864
1 November 1864
Tuesday November 1st

At home all day. Read the American newspapers, and especially the report by Judge Holt Judge Advocate General of the secret organization in the West, which has been in treasonable cooperation with the rebellion for the purpose of overturning the federal government. It is a marvel that the native vigor of the people has forced its way through all these formidable obstacles thus far. The power of the proslavery combination was great enough to justify in a measure the hopes of a triumph which had been formed by it. Furthermore this convinces me of the absolute impossibility of escape from this war, without utter defeat. Had the South been suffered to secede in peace, the secession of the west would have followed in time, and a new proslavery combination would have been formed with under resources than those of the present one. How much cause we have to be grateful for the defeat of all these schemes, I think of every day. A long walk to Harrow which I have not seen since my visit to it when Lord Palmerston in 1861 laid the foundation of the library. Cards.141

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