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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday November 1st

1 November 1864

Thursday 3d.

3 November 1864
2 November 1864
Wednesday 2d.

Cool but not unpleasant. At home all the morning, writing letters including a pretty long one to my son Charles. Also a draught of a note to Lord Russell. Madame Verdure who has been on a visit at Mary’s Usine left us today. After luncheon, walk over this to Castle bear hill thence to Drayton Green and across to Hanwell A very pretty road. In the latter place, the flatness is in a measure redeemed by the fine old wood, which makes the charm of English scenery. Quiet evening at home. The American news today confirms the doubted intelligence of Saturday. General Sheridan has been another battle in the valley, and this time over Longstreet.

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