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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 2d.

2 November 1864

Friday 4th

4 November 1864
3 November 1864
Thursday 3d.

To London by train. The usual preparation of draughts for Despatches. This was done so soon that I had leisure for a visit to the Bishop of California who brought a letter to one from Dr H W. Bellows of New York. Found him at Edwards’s Hotel, with his Wife and an invalid son. He seems very intelligent and patriotic. He spoke of the success of Sheridan and of his general character from knowledge, he having a son in that army. She is the sister of Mr W. B. Lawrence, one of our most disaffected people. Thence to execute some commissions before returning. A brilliant starlight night. Found young Stanley at the house, who dined and returned by the latest train.

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