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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 25th

25 November 1864

Sunday 27th

27 November 1864
26 November 1864
Saturday 26th

The morning was brilliant, but there were heavy showers before night. At home all day with the exception of a walk to Acton and back by way of Gunnersbury. Louisa laid up with a very sharp headache, and Mary suffering from a swelling of the forehead below her wound. This makes me very anxious and unhappy. Read a part of Pepys, which I have been so long about that I make a strong effort to finish it, There is much that is interesting about it. The picture of the loose manners of the time not less than of his own interior character carries one through many unimportant and some trivial details. In the evening we had Mr Betzen to pass the sunday, and Brooks brought a schoolmate of his, young Forbes from Twickenham

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