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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 26th

26 November 1864

Monday 28th

28 November 1864
27 November 1864
Sunday 27th

This morning it turned out that suppuration had taken place and although Mary was relieved by it, the necessity fo sending for Erickson was apparent. Accordingly the groom went in with a note, but he returned with the answer that he was out of town, not to be back until tomorrow. In view of this we sent to Brentford to a person recommended to us as Dr Cooper, who finally came. The swelling on the forehead was still considerable, and although he opened the round and recommended treatment to draw down the matter, his language was so vague and pedantic as rather to increase than relieve our uneasiness. Attended the service at Treyford Abbey, with Brooks and young Forbes. Ensor brought out the Despatches and letter from London. Letter from John and Charles speak of the latter as being really quite suffering from illness brought on by his residence at Point Lookout. Dr Bigelow had obtained him further leave for twenty days. This added to our home condition made me an anxious and unhappy day. It was somewhat aggravated too by the fact that we had more company than on any day since we have been here. Besides those in the house, Mr and Mrs I. Wister Jr of Philadelphia came to dinner. They are young people just married, and on a bridal tour. They returned at night. I took a long walk with Mr Benson, who takes great interest in our affairs. Henry is off on a visit to Mr Palmer.

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