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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 27th

27 November 1864

Tuesday 29th

29 November 1864
28 November 1864
Monday 28th

Mary seemed to me better, though the inflammation had spread a little lower down in the face. I went to town in company with Mr Benson. A very stormy, dark day. Called to see Erickson who had just returned and was about to start for Ealing. Conversed with him about the case. He think it caused by156 predisposition. He promised to report on his return, which he did. The report was favorable. A little affection of erysipelas attended however with no unfavorable general symptoms. This was a great relief. I visited the rams of Messr Sothely, to look at a small collection of Greek coins. And returned at four o’clock to Ealing. Found Mary quite sprightly and certainly looking better. Quiet evening. Finished General Scott’s book. It has some few good things, but on the whole will lower the estimate to be made of the man.

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