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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 14th

14 December 1864

Friday 16th

16 December 1864
15 December 1864
Thursday 15th

To Town when I was occupied in the usual way. The Despatches however were neither numerous nor material. At a quarter before three a large depuation from the Emancipation Society called on me for the purpose of presenting an Address to the President congratulating him upon his reelection and the continuance of his policy of Emancipation. It consisted largely of the Clergy including a very few of the Established Church. Mr Evans, the Chairman introduced the subject, and the reading of the address was followed by some remarks from Mr Baptist Noel, Sir Charles Lyell, Dr Massie, Dr Tomkins, Mr T Hughes and several others. In one point they all concurred, which was that the popular sense among the working classes was generally in favor of the United States. As this is a very delicate business I did not trust myself to the moment as I have always done in former instances—but read my answer from a paper. It appeared to be acceptable, and the gentlemen immediately withdrew. The whole proceeding is somewhat of an anomalous character. I have great doubt of its propriety. But in the precise condition of opinion here it is necessary to hazard something in order to maintain the popular organization which is our only bulwark against the hostility of the higher classes. The American connection is essential to the support of liberal principles here and throughout Europe. Home at five. It had turned quite cold and very dark for my walk home. Mr Thompson a young Englishman presented to me by Mr Everett came out by invitation to dine and stay over.

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