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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 15th

15 December 1864

Saturday 17th

17 December 1864
16 December 1864
Friday 16th

Cold and cloudy. Mr Thompson returned with us to town. I finished up my private letters for the week and went out to return a visit of Mr Vesey, the Consul at Aix La Chapelle. Did not find him at home. I had another deputation from a popular meeting in the South part of London at Lambeth to present a second Address. It consisted of working men probably connected with the ministration of the Revd Newman Hall, one of our most active friends. I replied to them very briefly repeating the substance of what I said yesterday. There is another demonstration of the kind threatened from the Trade’s Unions which I think it will be prudent to evade. After the deputation withdrew, I had a visit from Mr Lucas with Mr George Brown of Canada, the organizer of the new plan of federation in that region. He is very friendly, and has brought round a much improved state of feeling along that region. I talked with164 him rather freely on the importance of establishing the most intimate relations of trade and reciprocity. The new principle of federation if carried out will be productive in time of most important consequence to them and to us. Canada has not as yet produced a simple statesmen but this change will be very like to breed them. Home at five. Quiet evening. Finished Lord Russell.

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