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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 21st

21 December 1864

Friday 23d.

23 December 1864
22 December 1864
Thursday 22d.

Cold and cheerless. I came to London in the carriage at noon in company with Mrs Adams and Mary. The latter to visit Erickson, who finds the round still not entirely healed. He dressed it again and advised her to resume as much as possible her customary mode of life. I am more concerned for the condition of body that this betrays than for the thing itself. It also affects her spirits which reacts on her frame. Erickson evidently mistrusts the air of the house. If so, our removal will soon test that. I worked hard at Despatches, which through short were very numerous. In the evening, young Forbes came over from Twickenham, to join Brooks after the vacation. Home at five. Evening, Whist with the boys.

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