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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 22d.

22 December 1864

Saturday 24th

24 December 1864
23 December 1864
Friday 23d.

Sharp cold again. To town to make up the customary private letters for the bag. Charles writes that he is much better as to decide to return to camp on the 12th. I fear he may have been driven to it and that he will only subject himself to a recurrence of his complaint. In this as in the other case I must trust in the protection of that Divine being who has hitherto been so bountiful in his mercies to me. Walked to Sotheby’s to obtain the coins purchased at the last sale, and to pay for them. The perpetual grey sky is not favorable to high spirits at this the darkest period of the year— And I cannot say that for some time past, I am in any danger to be tried by them. The future is discouraging enough at best. For the war seems still going on with little relaxation— The finances are more and more involved, and what is most trying to me, my own family bids fair to be more scattered than ever. Home at five. Evening, Whist with the boys.166

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