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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 15.th

15 January 1865

Tuesday 17th

17 January 1865
16 January 1865
Monday 16th

Cool but rather a fine day for London. I notice the rapid increase of the light, especially towards night. Visit from Mr Hazard who talked of the military news, and from one or two other persons who came for assistance— I devoted some time to the study of Cohen’s book on the Roman Consular series. It seems to have been issued during a period of about two centuries, but it is not easy to fix the dates of each family series, nor to assign the reasons for the devices, excepting in some well known instances. Yet historically they are very interesting as bring us at once with teh presence of republican Institutions. Walk by Hyde Park. Quiet evening. The Despatches and Mails from America came in, and yet no letter from Mr Seward, being the third week of suspense in regard to my application. I stand in need of all my patience to put up with this rude treatment. Every thing seems to have gone wrong with me in my search for the future this season. I perceive in the newspapers a notice of the death of my predecessor, Mr Dallas.181

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