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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Monday 16th

16 January 1865

Wednesday 18th

18 January 1865
17 January 1865
Tuesday 17th



Mrs Adams is now suffering from a very severe cold. Henry has gone to Walton, so that it is again rather dull and gloomy in the house. On the other hand the account of Mary’s improvement is encouraging. My day was spent in the customary routine. I finished my examination of the coins lately procured. But if I go home this season, some time will be necessary for a general survey of all that has been heretofore collected. I read the Preface to Cohen’s work on the Consular series, and reflected on the difficulties in explaining the nature of this currency. It is however from its great variety full of interest. Mrs Adams was too unwell to dine out, but I went to Mr and Ms Lampson’s. A party of sixteen but apart from the members of the family, not a soul I ever saw before. One gentleman was presented to me by the name of Stevenson, said to be in the government Office at Somerset House. This is a curious practice in London Society which I never can get reconciled to. So far as I can see, the amusement is about the same as at a Table d’Hote. Went home early on account of my Wife she being alone.

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