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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 17th

17 January 1865

Thursday 19th

19 January 1865
18 January 1865
Wednesday 18th

Mrs Adams had a good night after two o’clock, but she suffered severely all day. I had an extraordinary number of visits. Dr Blandy came to me to get a letter to Mr Peabody. He is slowly laboring to collect something for his black Institution in Indiana, but he complains of the want of sympathy—among Antislavery people here. Next was Mr Hoe, the inventor of the printing press now so generally used. He sound me about Colonel Shafner’s project, to aid which he has advanced some money. I said little, but my confidence is not great. Shafner is an adventure. Next, three gentleman in quest of a fugitive animal from New York, who has made away with a very large sum belong to a Bank there. I agreed to make a request for his surrender under the Treaty of extradition. But I doubt whether the claims will be held good. The last person was young Mr Stanley who talked as usual of American affairs. In the evening, received files of American newspapers to the 7.th They contain little beyond further evidence of the extreme depression of spirits among the Southern people.

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