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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Wednesday 18th

18 January 1865

Friday 20th

20 January 1865
19 January 1865
Thursday 19th



Mrs Adams is still extraordinarily affected by her cold. She is however better this morning than she was yesterday. Henry came in from Walton bringing favorable accounts of Mary. I had a good deal to do in preparing notes and Despatches for the week. A visit from Mr Milner Gibson who came to make182 the annual enquiries about American affairs preparatory to his address to the electors at Ashton under Lyne. He wished to know the precise condition of the war. I took a map and showed him the outline of progress, and precisely what was now left of military control to the rebels. It reduces itself about half of Virginia, North and South Carolina. He then asked other questions some of which I could answer, and others I had not the data for. On the single subject of the finances I very frankly admitted to him my sense of the danger. I feared the evil was radical, because I did not see that the materials for recovery could be found in any branch of the government, inside or outside of the Administration. Walk by the way of Hyde Park. Evening quiet at home.

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