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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Sunday 5th

5 March 1865

Tuesday 7th

7 March 1865
6 March 1865
Monday 6th



Clouds with rain towards night. Busy in writing, and disposing of my accounts which close the career of my prodigal dismissed household. At any rate, I am now within compass. Attended the sale of coins at Sotheby’s, and was surprised to find a large company. The value of the collection did not appear to me at all to correspond with it. There were many new faces; and two or three ladies, which I never saw before. Very naturally the bidding and spirited in proportion. I made a few purchases but no bargains. It was an unusually long sale so that I did not get home until near six o’clock Quiet dinner and evening at home. Finished the first volume of Mill. Received a letter from Mrs Adams, who has at last got to Sorrento, all well.

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