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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Monday 6th

6 March 1865

Wednesday 8th

8 March 1865
7 March 1865
Tuesday 7th

The weather is better, but not genial. I perceive the leaf buds to be starting, but they have little encouragement. I devoted myself this morning to the perception of several notes to Lord Russell, required by the Despatches of this week from Washington. Lady Russell has sent me another invitation to dinner, in spite of the blunder. As this is the fourth I am glad to accept it without qualification. A visit form Sir Henry Holland, and Mr Wasburn, the Minster to Paraguay who is going home on leave. Went out in the carriage for an hour and a half made up a considerable number of my return visits. It is in this duty that I feel most the absence of Mrs Adams. AT other times I am only following my customary occupations. Walk around the Regent’s Park. In the evening Mr Alward came in for an hour. He then went to his lodgings, and an hour afterwards I took him up to attend a reception at Countless Bernstorff’s. The Corps Diplomatique quite full, but again small with English acquaintance.226

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