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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 7th

7 March 1865

Thursday 9th

9 March 1865
8 March 1865
Wednesday 8th



A broken day, but full of work with a visit or two into the bargain. Wore letters to Mrs Adams to my son Henry, and to Mr Ogden at Newport. The latter at the desire of Charles, which I can readily understand, other smaller notes innumerable. Visits from Mr Walker of the daily News to congratulate, and from Mr Walsh, with a letter from Mr Burlingame. Mr Bowles likewise came to sound me about the position of Mr Fisher, as agent of the Sanitary Commission. I said truly, that I did not know any thing. At two, attended with my Secretaries, the first Levee of the season, held by the Prince of Wales. A large assemblage, including all of the Diplomatic Corps excepting Count Apponyi and Baron Bentinck. Met Sir Frederick Bruce there who told me he was going to America on the 25th. We got home before three. In the evening at Lady Waldegrave’s, which was rather overcrowded. Thence to the Duchess of Somerset’s which was a small dance. Did not get home until nearly one o’clock.

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