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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Monday 13th

13 March 1865

Wednesday 15th

15 March 1865
14 March 1865
Tuesday 14th

The debate in the commons last night showed a very different sense of the position of America from that which has heretofore been entertained. I draw some encouragement from it as to the future. The compliments to me were more than I deserve. These people are not yet logical enough to understand that my action and amount to little, if it were not fully approved both by the government and the people at home. The letters came as well as the Despatches. Still nothing about me. John and many others write about Charles’s engagement, landing the young lady, and also him in a manner that brought tears to my eyes. But he is yet subject to the service, and must ere long go to the field again. Studied the newspapers, especially those in the South. They are in the agony of hope form the enlistment of negroes. How long will that last? General Lee ought to be too conscientious to draw much hope from it. Yet the step is essential to emancipation. Went to the City to transact some business with the Barings. Walk by Hyde Park, dinner and evening at home. Mr Alward came in.

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