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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1865

Tuesday 14th

14 March 1865

Thursday 16th

16 March 1865
15 March 1865
Wednesday 15th



Busy this morning in preparing a note to Lord Russell based upon instructions upon Mr Seward. There is a little asperity in the tone, which is perhaps justified by the provocation at that nest of vipers Nassau, but I am inclined to doubt the expediency of indulging in it. I softened it as much as I could consistently with a full and just representation of the grounds of complaint. Other letters also took time. After luncheon I went out to return visits especially one to Sir Frederick Bruce, and to Mr and Mrs Forster. Saw Mrs F. but found on my getting home that he had been to see me in some anxiety about the fate of the man Burleigh who has been surrendered under the extradition Treaty. We seemed to desire me to make a remonstrance. This is not admissible. The good opinion of this country may be worth having, but not at the expense of interference with our Judiciary. Walk as usual. Dined with Lady Waldegrave and Mr Chechester Fortescue. The Duke d’Annale, the Duke and Duchess de Chartres, Mr Van de Weyer, M d’Azeglio, Lord and Lady Clarendon, Lady and Miss Jocelyn, Lord Hortington, Mr E L Stanley, Mr and Mrs Ponsonby and others not known. Lady Waldegrave left us without any programme, so that we went to dinner as we could, which was probably owing to her being unable to stand from rheumatism. I took the first lady at hand, who proved to be Mrs Ponsonby. The dinner was however231 dull. Neither was the cuisine at all to compare with the two last houses I have been at. I did not notice this so much, when here last year. There was a reception afterwards at which I did not remain long, neither did I go on the Duchess of Somerset’s.

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