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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 1

John Winthrop to Margaret Winthrop1
Winthrop, John Winthrop, Margaret Most deare and louinge wife,

I wrote vnto thee by our neighbour Cole, beinge then vncertaine of my returne, yet I hoped to haue been with thee on Saterday but it so fallethe out, that I am inforced to staye except I should leaue my sister Goldinge2 destitute, and the businesse I came for without effecte, which I cannot now faile with comforte and good reporte. Therefore I must intreat thy gentle patience vntill this businesse be dispatched, which I hope wilbe betymes the next weeke. In the meane tyme thou art well perswaded that my heart is with thee, as (I know) thine is with him to whom thou hast given thy selfe, a faithfull and lovinge yoke-fellowe, who truely prisinge this gifte as the greatest earthly blessinge, provokes thy Love to abounde in those fruites of mutuall kindnesse etc. that may adde a daylye increase of comfort and sweet content in this happinesse. I would willingly offer a request vnto thee, which yet I will not vrge (not knowing what inconveniences may lye in the waye) but it would be very gratefull to me to meet thee at Maplested on wensdaye next, if little Waddye hath kept his bigges etc but be it as God shall guide thy 263heart and the opportunitye. It is now neere xi of the clocke, and tyme to sleepe, therefore I must ende. The Lord our heavenly father blesse and keepe thee and all ours, and let this salutation serve for all, for I know not how safe a messinger I shall have for these, remember my dutye and Love as thou knowest how to bestowe them, farewell, Thine

John Winthrop

I send thee divers thinges by Weles in a trusse.

Mai 10: 1621.

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Susan (Crymble | Forth) Golding, half-sister of Mary (Forth) Winthrop. Muskett, 131.