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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 1

John Winthrop to Margaret Winthrop1
Winthrop, John Winthrop, Margaret
To my very lovinge wife Mrs. Winthrop at Muche Maplested, Essex.
My deare and lovinge Wife,

— I am exceedingly streightened in tyme, throughe the suddaine opportunitye of sendinge this messinger, yet I could not but write unto thee as I maye. God be blessed, I came home in peace and found all very well, and so we continue, and I hope we shall all meet in peace and comfort on friday. I have sent a horse for my uncle. Thus with most hearty remembrance of my fond and faithfull love to thee, I comende thee (to the Lord) who blesse and directe us allwayes and all our children. Thine as his owne

John Winthrop

Remember me very kindlye to all as thou knowest my desire: my parents salute thee and thine.

June 27: 1621.

L. and L. , I. 164–165, from an original now lost.