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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 2

John Winthrop, Jr., to John Winthrop1
Winthrop, John, Jr. Winthrop, John
To the worshipfull his very loving father John Winthrop Esqr. dd In Groton.

My humble duty remembred vnto your selfe and my mother may you please to vnderstand that I am (God be thanked) yesterday safely arrived in London, now first vnderstanding of the death of my Grand­150mother and Vncle Fones, to my great and vnexpected greife, but we shall one day meet againe with greater joy, they are already in the haven, we saile towardes it dayly. I wrote vnto you at my Comming to Amsterdam, then not thinking I should have found so speedy occations to Come over, but Comming to Flissing where I thought I should have expected answeare of my letters, and finding an English ship of good force ready to depart instigated with a great desire to vnderstand of your welfare, I presently Imbarqued my selfe, on munday morninge last, but my trunke I Could not get with me on board but have left it with a pinke which will shortly be in london, whose Comming I must expect, for I must send over by the master therof some mony which I there owe being about 12 pound: I reioyce much to heare of your welfare and shall thinke longe till I may see you and our good friendes with you: so desiring your praiers and blessinge I commend you to the Almighties tuition and humbly take my leave resting Your obedient Sonne

John Winthrop. London Aug: 14 Friday 1629:

My Brother Henry I heare is in towne but I have not yet seene him I pray remember my love to my sister his wife, with with sic all my brothers and sister and cozens

Also to my Vncle Gostling and aunt with mr. Lee and all our good friendes

My Aunt Downing desired to remember her love to you, having noe leysure to write this weeke.


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