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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 2

John Winthrop, Jr., to John Winthrop1
Winthrop, John, Jr. Winthrop, John



My humble duty remembred to you and my mother, may you please to vnderstand that I receyved your letters that by William Ridley on Wednesday, and your other yesterday, reioicing much, to heare of your welfare, with the rest of our good freindes, which I desire much with my owne eyes to behould, therfore I purpose, god willing, to make all hast downe the next weeke, hopeing to accept of mr. Gurdons kind offer if I can. For the businesse of New England I can say noe other thing but that I beleeve confidently that the whole disposition therof is of the Lord who disposeth all alterations by his blessed will to his owne glory and the 151good of his, and therfore doe assure my selfe that all thinges shall worke together for the best therin, and for my selfe I have seene so much of the vanity of the world that I esteeme noe more of the diversities of Countries then as so many Innes, wherof the travailer, that hath lodged in the best, or in the worst findeth noe difference when he commeth to his Journies end, and I shall call that my Countrie where I may most glorifie God and enioy the presence of my dearest freindes, therfore heerin I submit my selfe to Godes wil, and yours, and with your leave doe dedicate my selfe (laying by all desire of other imploymentes whatsoever) to the service of God, and the Company herin, with the whole endeavours both of body and mind, the Conclusions which you sent downe I shewed my vncle and aunt, who like them well, I thinke they are vnanswerable, and it cannot but be a prosperous action, which is so well allowed by the Judgement of Gods prophets, vndertaken by so religious and wise worthies of Israeli, and Indented to Gods Glory in so speciall a service. My aunt Goulding2 remembreth her love to you she saith it is not yet discharged that she knoweth: heere is certaine newes that the Dutch have taken Wesell,3 so desiringe your praiers and blessing, I commend you to the Almighties protection and rest Your obedient sonne

John Winthrop. London Aug: 21: 1629.

I pray remember my love to my brothers and sisters and all our freindes, whom I hope shortly to see


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Susan (Crymble|Forth) Golding, half-sister of Mary Forth, John Winthrop's first wife. Vol. I. 262, 342, 378.


Wesel, one of the key fortresses of Europe, was taken from the Spaniards at dawn on Sunday, August 19 (n.s.).