Objects: [cast iron cubes], recto, undated
by Thomas Jefferson

Identification numbers: N572; M21
26 cm x 20.8 cm (10-1/4" x 8-3/16")

Page N572
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[DESCRIPTION: "250. boxes of cast iron of this size & form" with full scale drawings of two triangles (3-1/2" base), a square (1/2" side) at the apex; base of square is 1/2" above base of triangle. The two units mirror each other. Nichols described this drawing as "Sketches for bolt heads (?) to be cast in iron." (Because "boxes" are mentioned, could this be a side view drawing of a 3-1/2" cube with "pyramids" capped by smaller (1/2") cubes on two of its sides?) See other side of page.]

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