Garden Book, page 23
by Thomas Jefferson

brought two Aegyptian Acacias (Mimosa Nilotica) from the Gardener at Greenspring. they are from seeds planted March 1777.

one of the Acacias 23 I. high the other 18 I.

their heights 28 1/2 I. and 23. I.

brought an olive tree from Colle. it is a shoot from an old root, being one of many brought from Italy in 1773. they stood the winter of the that year and the remarkeable frost of May 5.1774. also the winters of 1774 & 1775 planted in the open feild & without any cover. in Decemb. 1775 & Jan. 1776. there was a frost of four or five weeks duration, the earth being frozen like a rock the whole time. this killed all the olives; the others totally, this one alone sprung up from the old root. it's height now is 21 3/4 I. took a cutting from it and planted it. when an olive tree is killed in Italy and a new shoot puts out, it is ten years before it bears.

brought from Colle four sour Orange trees, being new shoots from old roots brought from Italy in 1775. which have been killed to the root. these are allremaining out of some hundreds,  [illegible the rest being killed totally. they were planted there in the earth, and sheltered to the North by a plank wall, and on the top & to the South by matts. they are now two of them indeed were planted at the ends of houses, one to the South, the other to the East, and protected by matts. they are now put into boxes of good Virgin mould. their heights are 6 1/4 I. 6 1/2 I. 16 I. and 18 1/2 I. In S. Carolina the Orange trees were killed generally by frost in 1771 the shoots which put out from the old roots begin to bear this year.

the Roundabout walk is in circumference 926.yds. =.52 [mile ]
by a survey of 1806 Aug. 3. with a chain very exact it is 169.16 po. = .529 mile
from Monticello door to the stone gate 198. yds =.11
thence to the second gate by the orchard 231 =.13
thence to the Overseer's house 473 =26
thence to the stone flood mark of 1778. by the river 1760 =1.0
2662 =1.5
from head of the Canal along my private road into public road by Shadwell 1175 =.6
thence down public road to where the mill road will come in 660 =.3
1835 =1.0
from head of the Canal down the same to Walnut where mill house will stand 1225 =.6
thence down the mill road along river side to Chapel branch 819 =.4
thence up Chapel branch as the mill road is to go into the public road 616 =.3
2660 =1.5

planted 59. Aspens. (Populus tremula.)

planted 32 Umbrellas.

planted 27. wild crabs. 11 transplanted 14. Pride of China trees from seed sown in