Garden Book, page 29
by Thomas Jefferson

sowed Charlton peas, lettuce, radishes.

peas up.

sowed a second patch of the same. Almonds blossom.

planted 2400. cuttings of weeping willow. a man plants 800. to 1000. a day. in the following places.
lower roundabout
spring roundabout
in the old Lucerne patch & the open spaces West of yt. & between the same roundabout
along the road from the gate to the overseer's house.
in the old feild within the park.
along the road leading by the side of the Park to Colle.
along the road to the Thoroughfare.
if 8. willows will yeild 1. cord at a lopping, & bear lopping every 3d. year, then 800. of these may be lopped every year, & yield 100. cords of wood.
grafted and planted in the nursery a variety of fruit trees.
planted there also, balsam poplar, Lombardy poplar, gelder roses, althaeas, yellow jasmine.grafted double blossomed almonds. also 12. codlin trees.
planted 200.paccan nuts. and seeds of Kentucky coffee.

peaches blossom.

cherries blossom.

peas of Mar. 17. up.
The first plant of asparagus up, & 5 I. high. under the shop.

sowed a patch of latter peas.

a great white frost last night off of the mountains. the Blue ridge covered with snow Due North from hence and for about 10° E. & W. of the North.

our first dish of Asparagus.

another white frost off of the mountains. the peaches killed

first dish of Spinach.

there are 8. Sugar maples alive.
on the 3d. inst. Davy & Phill made a path 4. f. wide in the orchard & 90.yds. long in 2. hours.
it was set with briars and some grubbing.
on the 51. they grubbed 76. yds 6.f. wide in 2. hours, in the thicket West of the orchard.
after it was grubbed Davy did 20. yards in an hour.
a man will grub  [illegible an acre a week in winter of the worst wood lands and 1 1/4 in summer, inclosed lands, in thicket, are worse.

planted Mazzei's corn in the S.W. angle of the South orchard.
Derieux's do. (white) in a horizontal slope of the North orchard.
a few grains of another forward corn (yellow) in the garden ground.
a few grains of Maryland forward corn (white) planted by mr. Biddle.
St. foin and Succory sowed in the North orchard on the 28th
French blackeyed peas sown this 30th. adjoining both patches of corn.

peas of Mar. 1. come to table.

sowed forward peas from mr.Eppes's.

they come to table

65 hills of peendars have yielded 16 1/2 lb weighed green out of the ground which is 1/4 lb each. It was about 1 1/2 peck