Garden Book, page 36
by Thomas Jefferson

1809. where when when transplanted came to table gone seed Observations
Lettuce ice bord. V. May 19.
Radish, summer do. do.
Lettuce, tennis ball do. do. failed
Radish Summer do. do.
Spinach do. do.
Salsafia Columbian. E. Vinyd. 7th T. do.
Peas. Hotspur do. 8.9.10. Ter. May 20.
Erie corn. E. Vinyd. E. end. 1.2. do.
Beet scarlet. do. East end. 3.4. do. failed.
Snaps. forward do. do.5.6.7. do.
Carrots orange W. Vinyd. 6th.Ter. do.
potato solanum below Nursery do.
Tumep Swedish W.V. Terras. 7.8 23. on the 22d. good rain
Peas Leadman's Sq. VI. 26.
Prussian blue
Snaps dwarf Sq. VII. W. side Jun 2. July 22.
Broccoli Roman 3. aspar. bed. E. June 3. 40. plants July 10. from these & the remains of Ap. 20. May. 30
84. plants transpld. July 10. into sq. XI. making 135. in all.
Savoy cabbage do. a very few plants July 10.VI.
Ice lettuce 6th. do. do.
Summer radish
Tomatas. from G. Divers 7th. do. June 3.
Cabbage from TMR. Sq. VII. E. side June 3.
Ice lettuce bord. X June 8.
Summer radish
Scarlet beets W.V.II. do.
Oil radish W.V.9.10 June 6.
Tennis ball lettuce bord. X June 10
Celery from Craven June 30
lettuce loaf bord. XII July 10.
radish Summer bord. VII 15.
cucumber early bord. VIII 15.
melon winter bord. IV 15.
lettuce Dutch brown bord. I Aug. 15
Endive green curled bord. II. do.
Radish summer bord. I.II. do.
Lettuce Dutch Brown bord. I
Stone H. E. end
Endive. green curled bord. IV
Stone H. W. end
Summer rdish Stone H.
bord. I
Lettuce D. brown Stone house & bord XIII.XIV. Octob. 6.
Endive green curled
Corn sallad
Spinach bord. Feb. 26.