Garden Book, page 49
by Thomas Jefferson

planted in the 12. I. boxes. No.
IV. red gooseberry
V. Lewis' raspberry sweetscented Currant. Odoratissima.
VI. L.'s Snowberry bush.
VII. L.'s Yellow currant.
+ also planted
3. plants of same gooseberry in the 2d. strait terras or upper Terras of Gooseberry Sq. at S. W. end
11. raspberries currants. same. in the 3d. & 4th strait terras or 2d. & 3d. raspberry terrasses. S. W. end. ribes odoratissma
9. Yellow Currants in the 7th. and 8th terrasses or 1st & 2d. Current terrasses. S. W. end.
8. Cape grapes for wine in the 2d. terras or 1st. terras of E. Vineyard S. W. end
6. do. for wine or eating. 2d. terras of do. S. W. end.
all of the above were from McMahon.
planted 40. plants of Hudson strawberry from do. in the Strait Terras. a.+3.

planted as follows.
d. 28. to 36. 9 soft November peaches.
4. a Carnation cherry. 8 plumb peaches of October.
plumbs supposd. Cherokee from Bailey
f. 41.
g. 42.43.
3 October plumb peaches.
h. = 22. pippings
i. = 6. Spitzenbgs from mr. Taylor. = 6. Spitzenbgs from mr. Divers.
-- 1.+ 2,8.9. October, or November, or T. Lomax's soft peaches, uncertain which. = 9 soft peaches from T. Lomax.
k. Oct. or Nov. or T. Lomax's soft peaches.
1. a Carnation cherry. 2.6. Carnations or May Dukes.
8. pear from mr. Divers
13.15. 16. = 7. choice pears from Walter Coles = 6 choice pears from mr. Divers.
m. 6. 27. 28.
n. 3.
o. 3.7.
p. 4.6.
= 8. Taliaferro apples.
Allies of the Vineyards 25. paccans.
round the S.W. & N.E. ends of the garden pales, and about 12.f. from the pales 29. Roanoke hiccory nuts, and 6. Osage do. 25.f. apart.

planted 9. Snowberry cuttings in the earthen trough.

 [illegible 1st terras. planted
24. sweet almond kernels from mr. Divers' tree
1. plant hard shelled bitter Almond from box X. pa. 40.
filled it up with Larix seeds Ronaldson.
6th begg. at W. end. 16. Brock's soft peach stones. 33. fine soft peach stones. from P.R. (the kernels only)
10. W. end. English oak acorns. E. end. elm seed
11. Ash seed. Plane
12. something label lost. Crab kernels
13. Scotch firseed. Silver fir seed
14. Larix thro the whole
15. Bladder Senna Pyracanthus
16. Hawthorn Broom
9th. Cedar of Lebanon thro the whole
all these were sent me from Edinburg by Mr. Ronaldson.

planted 6. plants of goose berries, contining the same row in the 4th. Terras. from Ronaldson. Edinbg.

sowed fiorin grass seed in the new 12 I. boxes. No. 1. to 7. & in the old boxes and in the Meadow

planted in the old boxes No. 3. Silver fir. 7. Scotch fir. 12.Larix. 13. Cedar of Lebanon.

on the N.E. & N.W. sides of Aspen thicket seeds of Broom & Pyracanthus from Edbg. Ronaldson.
in the grove, Ash, elm, plane. Silver fir. Scotch fir. Larix