Garden Book, page 5
by Thomas Jefferson

planted on the S.E. side of the hill as follows.
On the Ridge beginning at the bottom.
1. row of Pears. 25. f. apart 12 in a row. left vacant.
1. row of do. ingrafted.
2. rows of cherries intended for stocks to inoculate on.
2. of New York apples ingrafted.
1. of Peach stocks for inoculating almonds.
1. of do. for do. apricots
1/2 row of do. for Nectarines. -- 1/2 row of quinces.
In the Hollow.
1. row of Pomegranates 12 1/2 f. apart 12. in a row.
2. do. of figs.
1. do. of Peach stocks for inoculating Apricots.
1 do. Walnuts.

*a bed of mortar which makes 2000. bricks takes 6 hhds. of water.
*Nichs. Meriwether sais that 30. hills of Cucumbers 4. f. apart will supply a middling family plentifully.
*Nich. Lewis thinks 40. f. square of watermelons will supply a family that is not very large.
*Millar's Gard's dict. sais that 50. hills of Cucumbers will yeild 400. cucumbers a week during the time they are in season, which he sais is 5 weeks. so that 50 hills will yeild 2000, or 1. hill yeild 40. cucumbers.