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All That Glitters: Coins & Medals on Display

Our new exhibit, "Precious Metals: From Au to Zn" opens today (Monday, 2 August), with public hours from 1-4 p.m. Monday-Saturday through September. Special guest curator John W. Adams and MHS Curator Anne E. Bentley have mounted this show to highlight many of the rare and unique pieces in the collection. A sampling of what will be on view includes the New England three pence and shilling, the 1776 Massachusetts Pine Tree copper penny, a piece of original Massachusetts Bay stock, the February 1690/1 Massachusetts Bill of Credit, the full set of Washington-Webster silver Comitia Americana medals, Indian Peace Medals of colonial and federal issue, a number of Washington medals from the Baker series, and some fascinating pieces from the Vernon medal series.

"Precious Metals" is designed to complement the American Numismatics Association's World's Fair of Money, to be held 10-14 August at the Hynes Convention Center. 

I had the chance to view the exhibit this morning, and it's really something to see (not to mention by far the shiniest exhibit I've ever seen at MHS). Do stop by and take a look.

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Aug 2, 2010, 1:37 pm

J. L. Bell

The American Chemical Society is also meeting in Boston on 22-26 August. Its members have a different notion of "precious metals," but might also be interested.

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