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Summer Reading Sale!

If you’ve had enough beach reads this summer, perhaps it’s time to consider a publication from the Massachusetts Historical Society for your next book. Now through 31 August, the Society is offering many of its most popular titles at a discount to MHS Fellows and Members. Whether you’re interested in John Winthrop or John Adams, soldiers or suffragettes, the MHS has a wide range of engaging, high-quality books available for the curious reader. Click here [PDF] to learn more about our discounted titles.

Did you know that the Massachusetts Historical Society has been publishing books since 1792? Not only is the MHS the oldest historical society in America; it’s also one of the country’s oldest publishers. Perhaps even more surprising, many of the Society’s earliest publications are still available for purchase. The oldest volume in the inventory is Collections of the MHS, series 1, volume 6, which dates from 1799. Like all of the Collections, this volume features items straight from the archives, such as letters by George Washington and Peter Stuyvesant, as well as a list of vocabularies from American Indian languages. Bibliophiles may also be interested to know that copies of many of the Society’s Proceedings, dating from the 1860s, are still in stock, as are all 18 volumes of Sibley’s Harvard Graduates.

For information on any of our publications, whether from the 18th century or the 21st, visit or e-mail

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