Garden Book, page 44
by Thomas Jefferson

planted 5. Tuckahoe grey cherries in the rows e-1-2-+ 1.4.5. from Enniscorthy

planted 30 Monthly raspberries in the 3 terrasses next below the common raspberry. planted Asparagus seed in beds 5.6.7. & replanted 3.4.

Mimosa pudica. Sensitive plant. oval bed in < of N.W. Piazza & covd. way. Reseda odorata. Mignonette do. near N.W. cistern Delphinium exaltatum. American larkspur. outer flower border. N.W. quarter Pentapetes Phoenicia. Scarlet Mallow. Outer flower border. S. W. quarter.

Lathyrus odoratus. sweet scented pea. oval bed in S. W. < of S. W.portico and do. S. W. < of S. piazza & covd. way also Ximenesia Encelioides. in the same belle grande plante annuelle d'ornament. from Thouin

asparagus to table.

Anemone pulsatilla. belle plante vivace. oval in S. W. < of S.W. portico & chamber
Mirabilis tota varietas. plante vivace d'ornement. oval in N.W. < of S. W. portico & Ding. R.

New nursery.
planted 5th Terras 15. Gloster hiccory nuts
7th Peach stones. fine soft from Pop. For.
13th.Genista juncea. Spanish broom
14. Cytisus Laburnum...
15. 16. Thorn haws from Algiers from Thouin

planted residue of the seeds of the Genista juncea on both sides of the Upper Roundabout

sowed Burnet in the lower part of the W. end of the orchard ground.
rye grass from mr. Clay next above that
planted Pani corn in the middle part of grounds below Bailey's alley. come to table July 18.
Cherokee corn in the S. W. angle of those grounds

Quarantine corn from Thouin in the old Nursery.
forward cucumbers in the hhd by the middle gate of the garden
long green do. in the same hogshead.
tomatas in the high border VI.

in drilling the Benni with the smallest cups 1. gill. of seed drilled 12. rows of 153. yds on an average equal to 1836 yds. consequently to drill an acre in 4.f. drills would take 2. gills of seed
sowed seed of the silk plant from mr.Erving in oval bed near the S. E. cistern.

sowed in Old Nursery. dble. cropped St. foin. considerable square near S. E. corner.
madder from France. in a bed below the former.
Span. St foin. in a small bed above the dble. cropped.
Palma Christi. in a row round the Nursery.

strawberries come to table.

artichokes come to table. The last dish is July 28.