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Front matter Index Manuscript Inserts Account, 1773, Joshua Pico's account Manuscript note to Mr. Henry, 1830 Newspapers, 6 January 1772 to 26 December 1776
January to June 1772 July to December 1772
January to June 1773 July to December 1773
January to June 1774 July to December 1774
January to June 1775 July to December 1775
January to June 1776 July to December 1776, selections from 1777 and 1778
Pamphlets An Oration Delivered March 5th, 1772 The Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and Other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston An Oration Delivered March 5th. 1773 Copy of letters sent to Great-Britain, by His Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, the Hon. Andrew Oliver, and several other persons… An Oration Delivered March Fifth, 1774 from Extracts from the votes and proceedings of the American Continental Congress… An Oration; Delivered March 6th, 1775 Strictures on a Pamphlet Entitled “A Friendly Address To All Reasonable Americans …

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